Digital Academic Timeline Benefits

Manage All your Academic Details in One Profile
Easy-to-use Dashboard

Giving Student feedback Made Easy

  • Teachers are the best mentors to students. Many times teachers observe certain traits in their students that are not easily recognizable but if nurtured can prove to be highly beneficial to the student’s future career.
  • Teachers can provide such observations and recommendations to students and post it into their Myedustar Digital Academic Timeline.

Understanding Student Made Easy

  • Teachers get a holistic understanding of their student’s strengths and weak areas and notes from previous teachers about the student’s learning styles and aptitude.

Guiding and Mentoring Students Made Easy

  • Teachers can study the student’s achievements and academic progress data and identify their strong and weak areas and learning styles.
  • This will enable teachers to give better guidance that is more suitable for their student’s learning style and aptitude.

Showcasing Skills Made Easy

  • Teachers have immense amount of experience but its often not mentioned on highlighted or tracked.
  • My maintaining Myedustar Digital Academic Timeline, teachers can keep track of how many students they have taught, what the subjects that the teachers teach are and their years of experience.

Networking with Faculty and Students Made Easy

  • Teachers can recommend students and teachers on Myedustar.
  • Teachers can stay in touch with their present and past students even when those students have graduated and left the school.
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