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Manage All your Academic Details in One Profile
Easy-to-use Dashboard

Manage Admissions Effectively

  • Parents and students easily identify your Institute and its offerings and apply for admissions using their verifiable Myedustar profile.
  • Your profile page will contain Admission form (which you may also choose to sell online) and school prospectus. The admission form is integrated with the lead management system.
  • With the integrated Myedustar Lead Management System you will never lose track of admission requests and seamlessly transfer them to your Student Information System (Admissions Register) upon admission acceptance.

SEO and Marketing

  • Myedustar is the single largest and most relevant list of Institute research platform.
  • Become more discoverable by listing your school on Myedustar.
  • Whether you have a school website or not, having a profile page on Myedustar will always be beneficial for you.
  • Our in-built First-page-optimizing-algorithm will ensure that your school profile page comes to the first results page of every search so that you don’t need to pay or worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Communications and Announcements

  • Myedustar Institute Management Panel allows you to stay in touch with your Staff, Parents and Students via Emails, PUSH Notifications via mobile App, SMS (optional).
  • You can also put announcements directly into your Myedustar Institute Profile Page.
  • Upload pictures from events and felicitate topper students directly on your school profile page.

Alumni Relations

  • When you use Myedustar you become part of an ecosystem.
  • Information about your students will remain with you forever.
  • When they will update their profiles (in the future), you will know.
  • You will be able to discover where your Institute pass-outs have gone, who and how many became doctors, engineers, won an award; who joined the Army, Navy etc.
  • This will help you in building a solid reputation of your school in the long run.

Social Media

  • Myedustar is connected with all social-media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • You can share your school profile updates directly on these social platforms.
  • When your student’s parents share their updates on their Myedustar profile on any social medium their updates will direct all clicks to your school’s profile page on Myedustar.

Awards and Certificates

  • Felicitate your students and staff with awards and recognitions.
  • These updates will directly publish in their Digital Academic Timelines.
  • When they will share their joy on Facebook their posts will direct traffic to your Institute’s Myedustar profile.

Institute Management

  • Manage Student Profiles,
  • Publish Exam and Test Results
  • Manage Attendance,
  • Manage Homework Assignments,
  • Collect Fees online,
  • Manage your Library
  • Communicate with your stakeholders via email, mobile app and SMS(optional)
  • Upload pictures
  • Give awards and recognition to students and staff

Transcript Management

  • Easily manage transfer certificates and also issue additional transcripts to your students.

School Mobile Application

  • When you use Myedustar you get your school mobile application.
  • Parents can receive their ward's information related to Attendance, Project/ Homework, Marks obtained in tests and exams, Pictures, Online Fee Payment and reminders and Announcements from school.
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